Partner Practice of
St. James's Place Wealth Management

No.1 - Mortgages

You will almost always get the most competitive mortgage interest rate from the High Street bank where you hold your main current account.

No.2 - Protection

Income Protection Vs Critical Illness cover... One will do, I don't need both.

No.3 - Long Term Care

I can continue to receive Attendance Allowance if I'm in residing in a care home…

No.5 - Get Protected!

I have sick pay via my employer so I'll be fine if I am unable to work due to accident or illness.

No.6 - Mortgages

So I've missed a few mobile phone payments over the years...but I earn a good salary, I'll easily get a mortgage!

No.7 - Pensions

I need to draw my pension benefits from my existing provider.

No.8 - Long Term Care

If I gifted my main residence to my children 7 years ago it won't have to be used to pay for my care if I have to go into a residential care home...

No.9 - Mortgages

If I reduce my self-employed income for tax purposes it shouldn’t impact my ability to get a mortgage…should it!?